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First Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Home In The UK

Our company in association with BPAC Limited, built the first Strucural Insulated Panel (SIP) home in the UK, fabricated and built from Stuctural Insulated Panels, manufactured in Kirkaldy, Scotland by BPAC Ltd (now SIPs Industries Ltd).

Widely perceived as a great success the house is highly energy-efficient, has low heating costs, is condensation-free and was built in just eight weeks – half the time of a conventional brick and block home.

The foundations were laid like a conventional building. Then SIPs – made in a factory in Scotland – were delivered by road and erected by a small team.

Why use SIPs?

Using SIPs means:

  • construction time is shorter and labour costs are cheaper
    • with insulation built into the panels, there is no need to install further insulation during construction
    • SIPs can be installed by a team of three, including one crane driver
    • use of SIPs mean there is no need for expert bricklayers or masons
  • heating costs are lower
    • insulation is integral to SIPs, therefore the entire building is encased in a solid core of insulation that provides an even heat
    • the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) layer of insulation within SIPs provides a rigid structure compared with other types of insulation which often slump
    • SIPs create an air tight structure so there is no heat loss or condensation
  • the manufacturing process is greener
    • any waste from creating SIPs can be recycled
    • 50% less raw timber is needed to manufacture SIPs than with conventional timber frame homes

Why isn’t everyone building with SIPs?

SIPs are quite new to the UK, although in America whole houses have been built with them since the 1950s, and in Holland they have been used extensively in roofing for years.

Most people haven’t heard of SIPs or the benefits they can bring, but changes to building regulations in 2003 mean house-builders have to find new greener methods of construction.

SIPs provide a perfect solution – expect many more homes to be built with them in the coming years.


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