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Private Homes: Designs Gallery

Here is a small selection of houses designed and constructed by E&H Building Contractors. 

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Design EH2

Design EH2 Design EH2

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Family room:3.60m x 4.45m
Living room: 5.00m x 5.45m
Study: 2.50m x 4.10m
Bathroom: 2.00m x 4.10m
Bed 1: 2.70m x 5.10m
Bed 2: 4.10m x 4.10m
En suite: 2.30m x 1.80m
Bed 3: 4.10m x 2.90m
Bed 4: 3.50m x 3.50m
Vestibule: 1.90m x 1.80m
Utility: 2.00m x 3.00m
Kitchen/dining: 6.60m x 4.45m

Total: 192m2


Design EH1

Design EH1 Design EH1

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Ground floor
Garage: 5.70m x 4.05m
Wet room: 1.95m x 2.15m
Bathroom: 3.95m x 3.15m
Bed 1: 3.55m x 3.95m
Porch: 1.35m x 1.50m
Bed 2: 2.85m x 3.35m

First floor

Kitchen: 6.30m x 3.50m
Dining area: 4.10m x 2.50m
Livivg room: 4.20m x 4.20m
Bed 3: 4.10m x 4.30m
En Suite: 2.00m x 2.20m
Utility: 2.00m x 2.20m

Total: 177m2


Design EH3

Design EH3 Design EH3

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Lounge: 3.50m x 6.30m
Kitchen: 3.10m x 4.50m
Utility: 1.80m x 3.20m
Bathroom: 1.70m x 3.20m
Bed 1: 3.10m x 3.20m
Bed 2: 3.10m x 3.20m
Bed 3: 3.50m x 3.50m
En suite: 1.80m x 2.90m

Total: 123m2


Design EH4

Design EH4 Design EH4

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Ground floor
Living room: 5.30m x 4.70m
Family room: 3.00m x 3.00m
Dining room: 4.15m x 5.30m
Kitchen: 4.15m x 5.30m
Utility: 4.80m x 3.26m
Garage: 4.80m x 6.60m
Porch: 1.50m x 3.00m
CBD: 2.00m x 1.90m
Study: 3.60 x 3.30m

First floor
En suite: 2.40m x 2.60m
Bed 1: 3.77m x 4.00m
Bed 2: 2.67m x 4.00m
Bathroom: 2.07m x 4.10m
Landing: 6.80m x 4.80m
Bed 3: 2.77m x 4.80m
Bed 4: 2.97m x 4.10m

Total: 282m2


Design EH5

Design EH5 Design EH5

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Bed 1: 3.55m x 3.75m
Bed 2: 2.95m x 3.75m
Living room: 4.15m x 4.95m
Kitchen: 3.27m x 5.95m
Utility: 3.27m x 2.35m
Garage: 5.95m x 4.61m
Porch: 1.96m x 3.71m
Bathroom: 2.44m x 2.55m
Study: 2.55m x 2.95m
Bed 3: 3.25m x 2.55m

Total: 152m2


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