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Private Homes: Design And Build

A house built by E&H Building Contractors
A house built by E&H Building Contractors

Deciding to build a home is a big step for anyone. We are here to help with any part of the process, from design to build. We involve you in every stage of the process. Our flexible team includes an in-house architect so we can:

  • carry out the entire project from design to build,
  • build a design of yours, or
  • supply timber and a design for you to build.

Whatever method suits you best, we are here to provide expert and personal assistance for all your house building demands. Contact us now to discuss the options.

10-step private house building guideline

The following 10 steps provide some useful tips on what checks you must make on the chosen site for your home. It also outlines the typical overall house building process for a private home:

  1. Identify a site:
  2. Check if site is serviceable:
  3. Develop detailed or basic ideas for house design.
  4. In consultation with E&H, develop ideas into preliminary drawings.
  5. Produce preliminary costing.
  6. Submit planning application.
  7. Produce detailed drawings, specifications and build quotation.
  8. Submit building warrant application.
  9. Sign build contract.
  10. Carry out construction.
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